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Design Services

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    Design Services
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Design Services Design Services
Design Services

As part of GEM Enterprise consultancy, Our team provides a full scope of Civil & Structural Engineering and architectural services from project inception to completion. Our team specialise in highly regulated and complex projects and environments to deliver responsive design solutions and commit to sustainable and integrated design.

To analyse every requirement in the early stages, our firm uses a complex BIM design services approach. To determine the best design solution at GEM Enterprise, we use the state of art design technology to meet clients’ needs on projects of all sizes from the initial conceptual stage to detailed design and construction management.

The services include:
  • Site Appraisals
  • Concept Proposals
  • Design Drawings
  • Design Risk Assessments
  • Civil and Structural Design
  • Load Appraisals of Existing Structures
  • Project Specifications
  • Construction Drawing Packages
  • Tendering and Contract Administration

Our design philosophy is indoctrinated in listening and distilling the very essence of a project to create a highly specific design that is functional and imaginative.

Our design team practice responds to the specifics of site and client needs, and it is resourceful regarding budget, takes a pro-active approach to the craft of building and strives to create spaces that engage people.

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GEM Enterprise is a property developer and structural engineering consultancy in the London market and beyond. GEM Enterprise work collectively with our clients, landowners, investors and contractors. This collaborative approach has aided the success of creating places and spaces that are unique and positively contribute to society's fabric and build a future for people to thrive.