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Land Acquisition

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    Land Acquisition
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GEM Enterprise is always looking for development opportunities. Whether you have a house on a large plot of land, an oddment of land, a large commercial warehouse, or any land plots that you believe may be suitable for development contact us to discuss options.

We are typically seeking:

  • Sites without planning permission.
  • Any residential, brownfield sites including yards, garages or oddment of land with road access
  • Commercial properties and offices with the potential to conversion to residential
  • Joint ventures, subject to planning, unconditional purchase and promotion agreements.
  • Sites suitable for accommodating 10 to 300 plus units.
  • Residential and mixed-use opportunities all considered.

Get in Touch

For more information about site & land appraisals or to discuss your project in more detail, contact us now on T: 020 3538 7002 | E: [email protected] or fill in the form below now discuss your project in more detail.

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GEM Enterprise is a Consulting Structural and Civil Engineers. GEM Enterprise provide a full range of structural consultation to our clients, including architects, developers, contractors, local authorities, and government entities. GEM Enterprise provides a complete civil & structural engineering design service from concept to design through the whole construction cycle, including New Build Design, Steel Design, Reinforced Concrete Design, Post-Tensioning Design, and others for commercial and residential projects.