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Structural Engineering

  • Delivering strong structures
    With flexible solutions
    Advanced design solutions which balance practicality with innovation
    Structural Engineering
  • Delivering strong
    Solving problems today to saving tomorrow's world

GEM Enterprise distinguished by our commitment to providing advanced design solutions which balance practicality with innovation often applied to difficult sites or unusual building concepts.
Our structural & civil engineer uses creativity, analysis, ingenuity, and technical ability to deliver outstanding, exciting, efficient design solutions with exceptional value beyond expectations.

We conduct ongoing research into the latest techniques in analysis, design and construction. Also, we utilise state-of-the-art computer-aided design, drafting, 3D graphics systems and Building Information Modelling (BIM) during the design process to the extent that the building structure can be fully integrated into a virtual building in the design phase if required.

This enables us to deal with challenges, such as difficult site conditions, complex foundations, coordination with the design team and the interface with existing structures to ensure structural efficiency and optimal utilisation.

Our Structural Services

Structural Design
Reinforced Concrete Detailing
Steel Detailing
BIM and Drafting
Site Engineering
Temporary Works
Post-Tensioning Detailing

Commitment to delivering sustainable structures to meet net zero

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GEM Enterprise is a Consulting Structural and Civil Engineers. GEM Enterprise provide a full range of structural consultation to our clients, including architects, developers, contractors, local authorities, and government entities. GEM Enterprise provides a complete civil & structural engineering design service from concept to design through the whole construction cycle, including New Build Design, Steel Design, Reinforced Concrete Design, Post-Tensioning Design, and others for commercial and residential projects.