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At GEM Enterprise, we guide you from the inception of ideas to the completion of the site on time and budget.

As part of GEM Enterprise consultancy, Our team provides a full scope of planning & design service, including architectural design, planning applications, building regulations, party wall agreements, quantity surveying, and project management.

Our projects' approach is with a commercially and financially astute mindset and strives to create the most valuable planning and design solution achievable for a site.

GEM Enterprise manage the entire planning and design process from initial feasibility to obtaining planning permission and building regulations approval through construction and project management or providing individual services depending on your requirements.

We guide you from the inception of ideas to completing the site on time and to budget.

What do planning applications require?

Full planning applications include:

  • All existing drawings of the property (floor plans, elevations, sections)
  • All proposed drawings (floor plans, elevations, sections, site plans)
  • A detailed Design and Access Statement (if required)
  • Heritage Statement, Flood Risk Assessment and Arboricultural Report, Etc. (if required) 
  • Site plan and block plan, Ordnance Survey Map
  • Application forms, Notification letters, CIL Questions

Our Residential Process

Tell us how we can help

1. Make Contact

Talk to a member of our office team, get advice about our professional services, discuss your ideas, dreams, and requirements for Extensions, Conversion, Refurbishment, New Build, or possible investment.

Accept our proposal

2. Consultation

Following the initial inquiry, a member of our team will carry out a review of your property and check the proposal's suitability. GEM Enterprise will give an estimated fee proposal.

Get a free quote

3. Site Consultation

GEM Enterprise can provide a free online consultation for all areas. If the property is located in the west, south, or central London areas, we can offer a site consultation. After the consultation, based on information from the client and property, GEM Enterprise will give a free quote and provide guidance on the scheme and outline your process.

Book your survey

4. Site Survey

After the client agrees to the fee schedule, a GEM Enterprise team member will visit your property to measure the property and take relevant information.

Work with you to design the perfect layout

5. Design Proposal

GEM Enterprise's aim has always been to create places and spaces unique to our client's taste. GEM Enterprise team prepares a set draft drawing for you to review. At this stage, you can make changes as necessary, and once you are satisfied that the drawings meet your requirements, GEM Enterprise will prepare your final approval drawings.

Planning Application & Submission

6. Planning Permission

After the client final drawings approval, our team prepares an approved proposal for submitting the planning application. We never submit unless we think there is a reasonable chance of obtaining approval. It is essential to bear in mind that full planning can take 7-10 weeks with the council.

Local Planning Authorities decision

7. Planning Application Decision

Our experience is crucial; it means we know what the council is looking for to help tilt the decision in our favour. But suppose any re-submissions or amendments are needed. In that case, our team provide fast track revisions to drawings and documents during the planning application phase to satisfy any comments raised by the officer at the local authority.

Building Regulations & Structural Calculations

8. Building Regulations

Depending on the work being undertaken, you may need to apply for building regulations approval, regardless of whether you are already applying for planning permission.
Building regulation approval is a statutory requirement set by the government to ensure that buildings are designed and constructed according to the Building Regulations and Associated Legislation. We will provide comprehensive building regulation drawings, including structural calculation.

9. Final Review

GEM Enterprise will complete a final issue of our drawings, including engineers' documents and handbooks. At this stage, everything you need to start building and transform your property into a beautiful space is ready.

10. Build

At this phase, you can choose GEM Enterprise to build your dream place, talk to us to get your quote, or you can choose another builder. Should your builder have any questions at any point, we would be happy for them to contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss these questions.

Get in Touch

For more information about our planning application services, engineering solutions, or discuss your project in more detail, contact us now on T: 020 3538 7002 | E: [email protected] or fill in the form below.

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GEM Enterprise is a Consulting Structural and Civil Engineers. GEM Enterprise provide a full range of structural consultation to our clients, including architects, developers, contractors, local authorities, and government entities. GEM Enterprise provides a complete civil & structural engineering design service from concept to design through the whole construction cycle, including New Build Design, Steel Design, Reinforced Concrete Design, Post-Tensioning Design, and others for commercial and residential projects.