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Structural Health Monitoring

  • Protect Structural 24/7
    Real-Time Structural Health Monitoring
    Structural Health Monitoring
  • Extend the Life of Structural
    By Monitoring Them
    Remotely in Real-Time
  • Real-Time
    Remote Structural Health Monitoring
    without the added
    cost of human intervention

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) assesses the integrity conditions of a structure to meet their performance requirements to prevent failures, mitigate maintenance and repair costs, and extend the structure's life span.

At GEM Enterprise, we provide Remote Structural Health Monitoring (RSHM) and Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) to private, public sector and infrastructure owners for the residential, mixed-use (block of flats,  offices and commercial buildings), bridges, dams, masts, cooling towers, underground structures, cranes, gantries, docks and harbour, containment structures, and pipelines with a more reliable way to monitor structural conditions for preventing catastrophic failure leading to the tragic loss of life. 

Our RSHM received data from sensors and gauges in real-time 24/7. From reading the data received from sensors, the movement plots and calculated. That means data recorded from each sensor and gauges installed on the structure; the system calculates and measures any changes or errors to the structure without human intervention's added cost.
By identifying and responding to defects before they have a severe impact on your operation or your finances, you can identify and respond to defects before they severely impact your operation or finances.

Our RSHM and SHM team inspected adequacy in relation to: Our RSHM and SHM team inspected adequacy in relation to:
Our RSHM and SHM team inspected adequacy in relation to:
  • Overall stability
  • Strength
  • Robustness
  • Ductility
  • Stiffness
  • Dynamic response
  • Geometric permanence

The ability to monitor structures over their lifetime to improve reliability and availability and reduce lifecycle costs is vital.
Adequate monitoring of existing structural systems will save budgets for repairing structural and ensuring public safety. Early detection of structural damage enables prompt technical action to resolve the problem.
Structural health monitoring is an integrated process of many disciplines to examine structural systems' status and determine their structural integrity.

Our forensic engineering's expertise identifies the patterns followed by a system leading to its failure may undoubtedly give a valuable contribution regarding selecting the most appropriate damage-sensitive features to employ for a given type of structure.

Customisable for each client's needs

The availability of multiple communications options for retrieving, storing, and displaying data also allows systems to be customised to meet exact needs. Once established, exact requirements can be customised by showing results with a different format and different charts and tables, deepening the client's expertise.

Remote Structural Health Monitoring (RSHM) system will have remarkable attention surrounds the use of an RSHM system's computational resources to automate the task of interrogated structural response data for signs of changes or damage to the structure. RSHM focuses on solutions developed for providing remote guidance to less experienced engineers or anyone without structure knowledge.

Do you concern for new or existing residential & mixed-use or any structures

have these questions

  • Is the structure adequately safe now, and will it remain so in the future?
  • Can it be used for its intended purpose now and in the future?
  • By what mechanisms can the structure become inadequate?
  • What are the consequences for the overall structure of a local failure? 
  • What are the implications for the safety of the building users and third parties?


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