Sustainable Development

Sustainability touches every aspect of our business. We work in a cooperative way with our partners to innovate and deliver enduring client success.

Sustainable development is about meeting the needs of today without reducing or interfering with the needs of future generations to meet their own needs. It is about improving the standard of living by protecting human health, conserving the environment, using resources efficiently and advancing long-term economic competitiveness. It requires the integration of environmental, economic and social priorities into policies and programs and requires action at all levels - citizens, industry, and governments. 

The Sustainable Development program advances worldwide management that is ecologically based, economically sound, socially just, culturally appropriate, and consistent with intergenerational equity.

All construction and buildings have environmental consequences - the materials used, the impact of the building on its location and of course its long term legacy.  We have an important role to play in the design team producing engineering solutions for the modern world.

Working with our clients we inform the design of new buildings to ensure that they follow the principles and requirements of sustainable design and construction.

But our focus on reducing energy use and the costs of occupying buildings, considering all relevant costs and revenues associated with the construction, ownership and occupation of an asset, providing the most cost-effective balance of capital and revenue costs over the life of a building.

Our services include strategic direction and planning, energy audits and appraisals, energy efficient design, renewable technologies advice, sustainable cost and project management, stakeholder engagement and change management.

We are deeply committed to limiting our environmental impact and carbon footprint throughout our operations.